Døds Fundementals

This is the must have course for all aspiring beginners who wants to learn how to døds. Join 3 x Døds World Champion Filip Julius Devor as he takes you through all the basics of a døds from take off and flight to landing and more...
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What's included?

One year Premium Membership to Døds Federation!

When you complete the  "Døds Fundementals" online course,  we will provide a coupon that unlocks a year free Premium Membership (coming soon) to Døds Federation. Premium Members will have access to discounted merchandise, early bird tickets , deals on upcoming online courses and more

Extensive video content & easy to follow lessons

High quality videos talking you through every step need to perform a proper døds. We start from the edge of the pool before advancing to 1, 3 and 5 meters.
A combination of clear and simple text slides along with instructional videos follow you step by step from inital low height take off and landings to your first 5 meter.

Experienced trainers

Hailing from Norway, the birthplace of dødsing, our trainers are true pioneers of dødsing, former World Champions and at the forefront of the rapidly growing døds community.

Meet your instructor

Filip Julius Devor

Three time Døds World Champion Filip Julius is at your disposal throughout this amazing first ever "Døds Fundementals" online course. Filip has a long career as a professional diver with both national and international titles and is also the head coach on all our physical courses. With his help and guidance you will master the must have skills to start your journey towards getting døds skills that will have you fly off the 5 meter platform in a classical døds
Patrick Jones - Course author
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